You see one… it looks different and better… it’s well done, and it’s just right.

You feel one… it feels different… well-built and put together, something you know that will last, no short cuts or compromises. You sense the authenticity, experience and passion that went into it.

You try one on... the critical test… fits better on the wrist, and more comfortable.

Well… that’s a Bertucci® Field Watch.

Our vision is to design and build the best field watch… the ultimate field watch. To achieve this, we understand how it will be used and depended on by enthusiast of all types. Versatility, performance, durability and value are all consideration factors that need to be understood and designed to… and then and only then… can we exceed expectations.

Bertucci® Field Watches use only the finest materials and best components… each carefully selected to deliver on our vision. Titanium for the case… for unmatched durability and light weight. Gold plated, jeweled, all-metal precision quartz movements… for reliability and accuracy. Premium top grain, water resistant leather and rugged military specification nylon webbing… for long lasting durability and comfort.

Our Bertucci® Heritage Collection… we believe, achieves our vision and exceeds your expectations… we hope you agree.

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Bertucci® Performance Field Watches™


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