The Best Field Watches of 2024

The Best Field Watches of 2024

The best field watches will keep perfect time, fit comfortably under clothing with a strong strap, and be easily legible day or night. It’s a simple list for a simple tool watch. But the devil is in the details.

Three of the best field watches

Field watches are, for good reason, among the most popular styles of watches, especially for outdoor enthusiasts. They trace their roots back to military necessity. That mother of invention led to a style of watches that can be both understated and luxurious, refined and utilitarian.

I love field watches. Among my collection, field watches are the timepieces that often accompany my most treasured adventures. They’re affordable, functional, and can stand up to the abuse that wilderness, mountains, and weather can throw at a tool that remains strapped to my wrist.

In this roundup, I focus on field watches that can handle real-world abuse. The majority of my selections are well below $1,000 because the reality is that those who actually use their field watch in the field really don’t have space to worry about a needlessly expensive object. Field watches are meant to be used, scratched, with dirt, water, blood, and all. I’ll also include a few more expensive offerings for the horological enthusiasts because there’s certainly space for beautiful, refined watches at the table.

So check out my selections here. Our team has used and enjoyed them. They’ve survived rough use, from climbing to travel to hunting. Every watch on this list is meant to take a beating, and some will look very good doing it. After perusing the selection, have a look at our spec comparison chart and read the buyer’s guide for more info.

Bertucci Men’s A-2T Super Classic


  • Reference number : 12723
  • Case size 40mm
  • Lug size 22mm
  • Movement Quartz
  • Case material Titanium
  • Strap color Green
  • Water resistance 200 meters
The Best Field Watches of 2024


  • Very tough
  • Excellent lume for low-light use
  • Small and light


  • Face may be small for larger wrists
  • Thick under sleeve cuffs