Best Gift for Law Enforcement & Military is a Field Watch

Best Gift for Law Enforcement & Military is a Field Watch
If you have a loved one who works in law enforcement or serves as active military and wish to purchase the perfect and most thoughtful gift, then this article may prove useful when selecting a gift.  This article provide our 3 reasons why we think a Bertucci Field Watches are the best gift idea for your police man or women, and/or active military personnel member.

The Best Gift for Active or Retired  Law Enforcement and Military is a Durable Field Watch 

1. Symbolic: Giving a watch or timepiece as a gift is symbolic in the sense, that it signifies that you are together for every second of the day.  Careers in law enforcement and military, often result in long hours and time periods away from home.  These long time periods away from home, combined with the dangerous type of work, is why it is important select a useful and sentimental gift which can be used while on duty. 

2. Useful: Gifting a timepiece may be the most useful item one could give because it is a required component that all on duty police officers and/or active military personal are required to wear. However, simply giving a watch is not appropriate unless it is a field watch. There are significant differences between ordinary timepieces and a field watch. All field watches provide a 24-hour clock which is the convention of time keeping in which the day runs from midnight to midnight and is divided into 24 hours, indicated by the hours passed since midnight, from 0 to 23. This system is the most commonly used measurement of time in the world, and is used by international standard ISO 8601.
3. Durable and Comfortable:  Another quality that separates field watches from other timepieces is their durability and comfort.  Durability is a requirement in both law enforcement and military careers due to their rugged nature. All Bertucci® watch cases feature their legendary U.S. Patented Unibody™ case built using Titanium and/or Stainless Steel materials for extreme durability and comfort. Furthermore, Bertucci®  uses a more costly mineral or sapphire crystal design, which dramatically improves scratch and impact resistance. No matter the type of gift, getting the correct size is always important. Each Bertucci® Watch™ implements their patented Wrist Balanced Active Comfort™ which is designed to ensure long lasting performance that comfortably stays in place on any wrist. Other great features offered by  Bertucci® Field Watches are water-resistance, date and GMT, and also various luminosity options. 
It is the combination of all these features which make the  Bertucci® Field Watch the Ultimate Gift or retirement gift for a police officers, law enforcement and/or military personnel.