"Greetings from Australia, A-2T is an absolute winner!" National Park Ranger in far north Queensland, Australia

I was looking at your website and found the section asking for a report on how the watch is performing (chaired by Enzo your sexy looking fox terrier). I work as a National Park ranger in far north Queensland, Australia. It’s a hot tropical environment, and all my past watches have become quickly damaged because of the nature of my work activities. I bought this watch over 2 x years ago now, it is on its second battery and it has not been damaged in any way at all. It is quite simply the best watch I have owned to date, and I've been through a whole string of work watches over the years. The robust design of this A-2T is an absolute winner, because of the recessed and flat glass surface there are NO scratches on it at all (this is something that had always quickly got damaged on all my precious watches). Also the solid shoulders on the watch is something that always eventually gave way on other watches as well. Even the design and construction of the nylon watch-band is really impressive. The band is durable and also comfortable and is easily washed when it gets dirty.

Apart from the durable design of this watch, it also looks great with the bold numbering and black face. It's also easy to read at a glance, without needing to dig out the reading glasses. Anyhow I have to let you know that I really enjoy owning this watch. I find it is a rare thing to feel a pride of ownership towards a consumer item now-a-days, but this watch is one of my most valued possessions. I wear it everywhere. Even to weddings and formal social events. When (or if) it eventually wears out, I'll be back to buy another one for sure. (I have even chosen my next Bertucci watch from your great website). Anyhow, I hope you stay in Business for years to come, and that you make truck-loads of money from selling your great product. You deserve it. Cheers for now,

John D