Care for your Bertucci® Watch Bands

Bertucci Watch Care

1 Never wear the watch unless the crown (setting knob) is completely screwed down for Titanium and Strainless Steel case styles or pushed in for Poly-Resin and Polycarbonate case styles. Do not overtighten crown (except for Poly-Resin or Polycarbonate case styles which have push in crowns).

2 We recommend rinsing your watch and band with fresh water after exposure to salt water, chlorinated water, chemicals, soil loads or dust.

3 Never adjust crown (setting knob) when watch is wet or submerged in water.

4 Keep watch clean and free of debris. Use mild hand dish soap & warm water with a soft brush to clean, keep crown in when cleaning.

5 If nylon band (if equipped with) develops loose threads, fuzz, or frays, carefully singe them with a lighter or match for a second, then rinse with water.

6 If leather band is submerged in water for an extended time period, allow it to air dry with no extra heat.

7 Replace band if excessively worn, see the BANDS section for replacement bands.

8 If watch has stopped bring it to a local professional jeweler with the tools and experience for battery replacements, battery type is engraved on the case back. You can also send your watch to our service center, see BATTERY & BAND SERVICE or REPAIR SERVICE section for more information. We discourage non-professional mall kiosk battery replacement service.
 a jumping second hand (advancing 4 - 5 seconds the pausing) is a low battery indicator.

9 Do not expose your watch to intense magnetic fields such as loudspeakers and other electromagnetic devices.

10 When setting your watch, handle the crown (setting knob) gently as this is a precision device.

11 Do not subject your watch to severe impact, avoid dropping.

12 If watch is not in use for an extended time period, pull crown out, stopping second hand, to conserve battery life.

13 Please carefully read the owners manual. 


Keep crown (setting knob) screwed or re-threaded down on Titanium and Stainless Steel case styles and pushed in on Poly-Resin or Polycarbonate case styles. Titanium and stainless steel styles are equipped with a screw down crown (setting knob). This premium feature is the best design in order to maximize water-resistance and durability to ensure long term protection of the watch movement.

Please Note For Titanium and Stainless Steel Case Styles: After setting the time and/or date, it is critical that the crown is tightened down by pushing in and gently turning clockwise (to the right) simultaneously in order to rethread crown down, be careful not to cross thread crown.

Ultimate Field Watch Crown Correct Diagram

For Poly-Resin or Polycarbonate styles (see case back), after the time is set push the crown in (you will feel a "click") for correct operation.


Failure to do so will cause the watch's internals to be flooded with water and void the warranty.

Following this simple practice will extend the watch life dramatically.


Your Bertucci® Watch has been carefully designed and tested to be used in water. 86 P.S.I.A., 160 P.S.I.A., or 320 P.S.I.A. (equals immersion to 50 meters / 164 feet, 100 meters / 328 feet or 200 meters / 656 feet below sea level) if crown is pushed in or screwed down. See case back and / or dial for the water resistance of your watch.

1 Never adjust crown (setting knob) when watch is wet or submerged in water.

2 Never wear the watch unless the crown is completely screwed down or pushed in.

3 The watch is water resistant only as long as crystal, crown and case are intact and undamaged.

4 Your Bertucci® Watch has been designed to be worn during activities in which the watch will be exposed to water and submersion in water. However, the watch is not a professional diver watch and should not be used for diving. 


Rinse with fresh water and air dry after exposure to salt water, chlorinated water, soil loads or chemicals.

TO CLEAN NYLON & TRIDURA™: Wash with warm water and mild dish detergent, brush gently with soft brush and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

TO CLEAN LEATHER: Rinse with water and/or mild leather cleaner, if needed, brush gently with soft brush. Wipe dry with cloth promptly then allow to completely air dry with no extra heat.


Please refer to your owners manual for details about your Bertucci® watch.


Bertucci Field Watch Manual

Combined Owners manual covering all Quartz Analog models equipped with a screw down crown or push-in crown.

Download Ultimate Field Watch by Bertucci ManualDownload a #1 Owners Manual PDF.




Bertucci Ultimate Field Watch Manual

Titanium A-2TR case models equipped with a rotating dial ring and screw down crown.

Download Ultimate Field Watch by Bertucci ManualDownload a #4 Owners Manual PDF.